A digital empowerment company that connects people to opportunity by rethinking legacy models and solving them in a refreshing and
people centric approach.

Founded in 2016, Curve has a best-of-breed leadership team to accelerate innovation and make world changing ideas a reality. As a hyper-lean and agile technology company Curve builds and operates global technology platforms and  we reimagine our customer’s value proposition that not only challenges the traditional way of doing business, but unlocks further value for their business.

Curve Group empowers businesses, including end customers to be financially and digitally enabled. We do this through our cloud powered technology platform, Curve Flex, which delivers a platform allowing customers to become incredibly agile with their business processes and technical designs, and enabling them to become creative in areas previously considered too lengthy or costly to even consider. In the finance sector, Curve provides solutions to banking franchises and e-commerce engines across the globe. In the finance sector, Curve provides solutions to banking franchises and e-commerce engines across the globe and leveraging our disruptive technology platform to trade in hyper-speed at little to no entry cost using innovative cost models and includes the ability to design a platform ranging from a simple store of value up to a closed-loop version for a specific transaction driven industry, utilising the full banking and e-commerce capability.

Curve also provides paperless solutions through our Process Automation Suite which encompasses document imaging and management software which is highly powerful and scalable utilising software and hardware services designed to help our customers manage their information, access it from anywhere in the world, and improve overall efficiency and business performance.

The Curve Safety Health Environment Quality (SHEQ) and Risk Management Solution helps identify, mitigate and reduce risk in organisations and our Regulatory Compliance Solution reduces cost, complexity and risk associated with Regulatory Compliance.