What does a day in the life of the Curve Family look like?

It’s a performance driven, work hard play hard non-racial merit culture. At our core is the belief to give everyone an opportunity to step up to what’s next, and to provide support in getting our employees there.

We provide free drinks, snacks and great coffee made from bean to cup to our employees! We celebrate our learnings and our successes with a gathering on Friday’s and always invite current and potential clients and business partners to join for a drink at our Joburg office.There is a total company wide ban on meetings after 3 on a Friday as this is the time to unwind and reflect.

We have an annual company conference where we bring everyone together spending part of the time on covering lessons learned, recognition of achievements – that of our employees and of business gained and then time on team exercises that teach us about where to go next the strategy to getting there.

Kids often run around the offices, sometimes pets do too, we generally manage by outcome and not by clock punching hours and like any elite team, it mostly self regulates. We are very diverse – people in their sixties (they won’t be forced to mandatorily retire) and millennials all working together in one interesting and always evolving environment! We manage sales people, technicians, developers, channel people, marketers and accountants. We respect every role, and being technical is cool! We love new ideas and we embrace everyone’s opinion, use what makes sense and always look for more innovation.