Empowering businesses and end customers to be financially
and digitally enabled

Curve set out to disrupt the commercial model that has kept banking and financial services from being relevant to more people.

We’re proud to have developed the world’s first cloud-powered banking technology platform. Curve Bank is capable of delivering a full service, truly ‘free’ banking solution to users.

Our franchise model is already being adopted by several organisations to bring financial inclusion to millions of unbanked individuals and break the cycle of poverty.

Curve’s unified banking solution allows a national franchise holder to launch and operate a 21st century financial services institution, anywhere in the world, wherever there is a need for affordable, accessible, and inclusive services.

Robust, secure and feature-rich, it allows users to access every major financial service, buy, sell, and trade goods, services and trade in trust online.

Replicating the model pioneered by consumer brands such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and YouTube, Curve’s core banking and services solution is subsidised by no-cost-to-user revenue models such as origination fees, advertising, treasury interest flows, and escrow.

By providing an ultra-low cost modern cloud banking platform and app solution to the market, we provide national franchisors the means to make socially-acceptable profits from back-end services while providing a completely free banking product to end users –users who might otherwise not qualify for, or be unable to afford formal banking services.

Additional revenue opportunities can be bolted on to the original bank platform to enable the buying and selling of goods, recruitment, and other high value transactions.

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