Trade in hyper-speed at little to no entry cost with Curve’s disruptive technology platform

Curve Flex offers the ability to create the ideal transaction platform, scaled and customised to fit your business. Be it B2B, B2C or C2C, our technology building blocks provide the perfect infrastructure to build and grow a secure, compliant and ahead-of-the-curve transactional business.

Easily configured, Curve Flex can be used to create an array of capital projects such as transaction stores, credit, and e-commerce via our licensed technology platform.  Our basic transaction store and parity engine ties each account to an individual and can be expanded to include other technologies like ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), advertising platforms and commerce platforms. We can even include physical card issuance. End users interact intuitively with the solution via internet, mobile devices and other emerging technologies for optimal omni-channel engagement.

Curve also delivers subsets of the platform into rapid-to-deploy bespoke solutions for essentially any industry including health, legal, transport, media, advertising, logistics, etc. Our platform wraps dozens of previously fragmented financial technology services into one complete user-centric solution.

Curve Flex is available as an outright purchase or maintain-and-operate shared revenue model, or a variation of both. The choice is yours.


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