Traditional providers require large upfront costs to kick-off lengthy technology engagements. Curve reduces complexity in our ability to innovate and deliver through our set of tools, people, processes and technologies.

There’s a revolution. It’s not imminent. It has happened. A revolution that has taken organisations full circle from an admin intensive loose paper stream to digital management of all information. A way of working that enables exceptional efficiency and legal compliance in document management. These organisations have even upgraded their sign off processes to digital. For them, there’s no turning back. By choice.

Curve Paperless enables this with our software and hardware solutions designed to help our customers manage their information, access it from anywhere in the world, and improve their efficiency and business performance.

Our Process Automation Suite which encompasses document imaging and management software is highly powerful and scalable and our FastForms service is used for checklists, surveys, inspections, audits, job reports, site reviews, trip logs, pre-project reports, project wrap ups, equipment checks, and more.

The ClickLinks solution comprises of Hyperlinked Statements providing an automated and extremely cost effective method of compiling and emailing of Debtor’s Statements as well as linking to supporting documentation, (E.g. POD or Delivery Note).

Curve Safety Health Environment Quality (SHEQ) and Risk Management Solution helps identify, mitigate and reduce risk in organisations and our Regulatory Compliance Solution reduces cost, complexity and risk associated with Regulatory Compliance.


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